Imagine that you curate and sell high-end vintage fashion for a living. Then imagine that the ONE designer whose pieces have been like the Rosetta Stone of your little biz - one of your fashion icons - contacts you directly to help unearth her personal archives. I'm talking about a virtual slew of unsold inventory, much of which are 1 OF A KIND pieces never seen outside of the original Hong Kong fashion house.

Yes, that happened to me and my little business recently, and YES - I am freaking out a little. It's one thing for a legendary designer to ask to call you on the phone (like a regular person!) to discuss collaborating, but it's a whole other thing when you are a true fan-girl. As a dealer of fabulous, gorgeous, vintage fashion I am thrilled to be given this opportunity...but as a long-time Freis admirer I am honored to be part of the movement to introduce the brand to a whole new legion of fans. Not that that will be too hard - celebs from Kendall Jenner to Nicole Ritchie to Kate Moss have been wearing vintage Freis for YEARS.

While this is a brand-new project just getting underway, strangely interesting things are happening already. The crazy-fast growth in my Instagram followers is sweet enough, but to be granted the exemption allowing us to sell the Diane Freis line on Amazon -- an absolute FIRST for the mega-marketing site who generally shy away from "vintage", bar code-less inventory - still has me in a bit of a daze. Grateful doesn't begin to describe it.

So check out https://styledbyodilia.com/ to see the ever-growing collection of Diane Freis archives, follow us on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/styled.by.odilia/ and, of course, enjoy the ability to search "Diane Freis" on Amazon for the very first time in history.

Because amazing things can happen to businesses of ANY size if you work hard, have faith and dream often.

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